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welcome to Aloha Island Uniforms

Aloha Island Uniforms was created to serve the special needs of the Hawaiian
Islands. DENNIS Uniform has provided school uniforms to customers in Hawaii
for the past 35 years. With the addition of Aloha Island Uniforms, DENNIS will
be able to extend the same great service and products to island businesses
and organizations.

For over 80 years, DENNIS Uniform Manufacturing Company has been the
benchmark for quality uniforms. Many companies sell uniforms — we make
them in our union-run factory in Portland, Oregon. Under our professional
supervision, DENNIS fabrics are cut and sewn to meet our rigorous standards
for durability and consistency. The DENNIS Professional Apparel Catalog
carries a variety of labels, including the DENNIS brand. All garments come
with the DENNIS guarantee. If we do not produce an item you need, we have
developed partnerships that allows us to source it. As a manufacturer, we know
how to find the best quality garments being produced.

DENNIS has the experience building successful uniform programs across
industries: medical, restaurant and hospitality, public transportation, and
schools. We are uniform experts. Our Representatives know how to put together
a successful program that will keep your employees comfortable and looking
sharp throughout their work day.

We are able to customize our garments with a variety of applications: screen
printing, fiberlok, embroidery, and patches. DENNIS works with you to craft
beautiful samples of your logo. Our Art Department translates your camera-ready
artwork with great attention to your company's design and colors to properly
maintain your identity.

a professional apparel program
• Sets the tone of your company — from casual to professional
Controls the image of your outside sales and work force
• Promotes your brand with your company's logo
• Ensures your company stays up-to-date on the latest apparel trends
• Sets your company's softball team apart from the competition!

working with Aloha Island is easy
• Meet with your representative to determine your company's needs.
  We'll provide free samples so that you can evaluate the apparel with your staff.
• Provide your representative with digital artwork of your company's logo. A small
  one-time fee is assessed to process your artwork. Additional fees apply if we
  actually create your logo artwork. You will see samples before we produce
  your goods.
• With your first order, we will ask you to fill out a credit application to set up
  convenient direct billing. Of course, we gladly accept prepaid orders. You place
  your order directly with your representative.

• Please allow two to three weeks turn around on your first order. Customized
  and/or very large orders may take longer. Your representative will advise you
  about custom time frames. Stock items ship within 48 hours.
• All non-logoed orders and reorders take one week to ten days to process.
• We will ship your garments directly to you.

contact us
PO Box 26435 Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
phone 808.396.9318 cell 808.282.0173
toll-free 888.396.9321 fax 808.396.9319

Gentry Pacific Design Center, Suite 118
560 North Nimitz Highway
Honolulu, HI 96817